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Task templates let you quickly create routine tasks with pre-defined parameters, such as project, assignee, description, etc.

Task templates play an important role in the Planfix philosophy since they define the essence of the object Planfix is typically oriented around: the task. Beyond this, task templates let you add new objects to Planfix.

For example, consider a task template called "Client order":

  • it can contain additional fields called "Client," "Order date," "Order contents," etc.;
  • it can be in a project called "Client orders";
  • it can have a process called "Client orders," with its own status set and scripts;
  • the assignee in the template can be set to the "Dispatchers" group.

This transforms a task template into a new object, called Client orders. Tasks created using this template will essentially be client orders: they will automatically contain order data, be located in the same project as other orders, go through the order lifecycle, and be completed by dispatchers, who work with the order from the moment it's created until the moment it's completed.

By default, there is at least one template in each account, called the Standard template. Tasks are created using this template if no other template is selected. This template can be modified, but it cannot be deleted. You can create any number of templates, and you can set which one will be used by default.

Additional information

  • A task created using a template will be linked to the template's format, not its contents. This means that:
    • if changes are made to the template's format (say, if a new field is added, or if some details are moved to the main task panel) these changes will automatically be displayed in all tasks already created using this template;
    • but if there are changes made to the contents of the template (such as adding an assignee) this will not be reflected in the tasks that have already been created using the template. But all tasks created using the template after this point will have the additional assignee.
  • Templates can be created in Planfix for entire groups of tasks.

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