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There are five main user roles in Planfix:

  • Account owner - has administrator access. Can access plan management and payment. Can transfer their permissions to another user.
  • Administrator - Has access to all Planfix tasks and projects. Can access all account settings. Can add users to the account. The only limitation is they can't edit the account owner's account. Can log in to Planfix through another user's account.
  • Technical administrator - Can apply most account settings, but cannot access data and cannot add users to the account. This role is only available with Corporate or equivalent plans. Technical administrators have access to the Account management section and can configure everything an Administrator can, except:
    • access to directories and data tags;
    • deleting directories and data tags;
    • deleting fields and field sets;
    • deleting configurations (but they can install them);
    • deleting data from the recycle bin (tasks, projects, contacts, directories, etc.)
    • configuring sending email through company server at the account level.
  • User - has access to tasks and projects they are participating in. Does not have access to configure the majority of Planfix entities (directories, Data Tags, reports, etc.) but can configure the Planfix interface as they wish. The majority of employees and all external contacts with Planfix access usually have this role.
  • Robots perform automatic operations, such as API calls, sending various alerts and questions, etc. They have administrator rights, but they can't log in to the web interface or use the mobile app.

Additional roles

Depending on the settings of a particular account, there can be additional roles in Planfix:

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