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The unofficial motto of Planfix is: Robots should do the work. With Planfix, you can use built-in tools to carry out a number of automatic operations, and you can configure your business processes using scripts.

Robot is a special Planfix role. You can use robots as the account that will "perform" automatic operations, such as communicating with clients, advising employees, and warning them about possible errors or violations in their work. You can set an employee's role to Robot in their employee card, when creating or editing the employee:


The main advantage of using the Robot role is that robots have administrator permissions, but they're free to create and don't count towards the number of licenses you pay for as part of your plan.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when using robots, including several limitations:

  • only paid accounts can use robots;
  • the number of robots available in your account depends on your plan;
  • robots always have administrator permissions;
  • you don't need to set an email address for a robot;
  • robots don't have usernames or passwords, so you can't log in as a robot;
  • you can't send a robot Planfix notifications;
  • robots can't be converted into employees, but you can convert an employee's username into a robot if you already have *a robot "disguised" as a person in your account. Be careful: if you convert an employee into a robot, you won't be able to turn it back into an employee.

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