Email and Telegram Notification Templates

We are actively working on Planfix. There are occasions when it is more convenient to receive various notifications via email or, even better, immediately on Telegram, for example, about the creation of a new task. Previously, in Planfix, system notifications were responsible for this.

But they had a significant drawback — the messages were formed from a list of fields, including technical and sometimes completely unnecessary ones. At the same time, important fields — the title and description of the task — were lost in the list.

Now you can set up notifications via email and Telegram for employees and contacts with access to Planfix. We’ve given you the ability to fully customize these notifications, which means they can now contain data only from the fields you need, and you can hide unnecessary information.

Here You Can Learn Now to Work with Email Notification Templates

To set up notifications, go to the “Account management” — “Email” — “Outgoing messages” section:

Notification Templates

Notification settings

New Feature Options When Working with Email Notification Templates

  • We’ve renamed the old “Notification templates” section to “External contact notification templates.” In this section, you can now set up automated email notification templates that will be sent to external contacts with basic access to the system.
  • We’ve also added a new section called “Employee notification templates”. In this section, you can set up email notification templates for employee alert that will be sent to employees and contacts with advanced access to the system.

All types of letters available in Planfix for employees have been added to the section “Notification templates for employees”:

List of All E-mail Notification Templates

Notification templates for employees

Notifications are easily customizable. Click on the template name, the editor will open, and now you can configure the template according to your needs:

Editing the Notification Template for Task Creation

Template configuration

Note that you can use text in the subject and content of the letter template and different fields that will be added as variables.

Remember that email subject lines must match all the templates, so that the staff notification emails can be collected into chains for one task.

The flexibility in setting up notifications and templates will expand the possibilities of integration with emails and make your teams’ work more efficient.

How to Work with Telegram Notification Templates

Working with Telegram integrations has become even more convenient thanks to the personalization of notifications. As a reminder, enabling this feature and selecting events for notification is done by a single user. But now you can also configure the content of these notifications.

To set them up, go to “Account Management” — “Integrations” — “Messenger” — “Telegram” — “Telegram Notifications”:

List of All Notifications in Telegram

Telegram notification settings

Pick the proper notification and edit it:

Editing a Notification for Telegram About Task Creation

Notification editing


  • System notification templates can be customized.
  • Templates have already been created for notifications via email and Telegram.
  • Notifications are received by employees and contacts with extended access to Planfix.

By setting up custom notificatins, you can quickly respond to incoming requests and letters from clients and improve task management efficiency.

Enjoy the convenience of custom notification settings for Telegram and email integrations. The Planfix team constantly improves the platform to make your user experience even more comfortable.