Improved Editor Icons

We’ve refreshed the editor icons and improved their display on various devices.

Enhancing Planfix Appearance: Exciting Icon Changes

We continue to actively work on the appearance of Planfix, with more changes on the way. The most significant of these changes concern the icons in the top menu.

The icons for the system sections are fixed and do not change. In the user sections, you can either modify them or remove them altogether. You have over 150 icons set at the object level rather than the workspace level.

For example, if you assign an icon to the “My Cool Tasks” task filter, it will appear the same in all workspaces where that filter exists. This feature is particularly useful in cases where the task filter and the report have the same name and are positioned next to each other in the dropdown list. Now, you can easily distinguish them by their icon.

New REST API Methods for Planfix Scheduled Reports

Advanced Planfix users will find this news exciting. Most of you probably know that Planfix has scheduled reports. But not many know that you can now get that report data from REST API. We’ve added a couple of methods to do that.

Migrate Archived Trello Cards to Planfix

When you switch from Trello to Planfix, you can take your archived cards. Just activate this feature during the import.