The Direct Integration with WhatsApp Cloud API

We’ve added direct integration with the WhatsApp Cloud API. You can find details on how to set it up in the documentation.

A New Planfix Mobile App 0.53, 0.54 is Available

What’s New:

— An icon has been added to the top menu of the task description, with which you can access the full edit form.
— An option has been added to hide the list from the planner in the mobile app.
— The “Share…” function displays a list of recent tasks, where you can quickly add the desired file or text.
— A search bar for filter selection.
— The ability to sort added files while viewing them.

Fixes and Updates:

— The timer design and the selection screen for reminders have been updated
— The application has been further optimized for stable performance.
— Task fields are set up as separate items.
— Reminders now have accurate time specifications.
— We introduced an additional notification confirmation in the Chronicle (which can be enabled in the employee settings).
— A counter has been added to the project filter.


Automatic Sending of Messages

Now you can use scripts to automatically send messages to Facebook Messenger.

Call Records in the Contact’s Last Task

Call records can now be attached to the last task of a contact meeting the specified conditions. The most significant advantage is that you can specify who can access the call record. This way, you can easily control access to contacts and their recordings.

“Next Line from Label”

In the email parsing process, we’ve added the “Next Line from Label” function.
Now you can store data in the information block that is located on the line following the start label.