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In Planfix, you can use the official integration with WhatsApp.


Create an application

Go to the Meta for Developers page and create an application

Set up a webhook and subscribe to all events

  • Log in to your created app and add WhatsApp by clicking the "Configure" button.
  • On the left panel, select "WhatsApp""Quick Start." Choose your Meta business account and click "Next":


  • In the window that appears, click "Start using API":


  • Go to the menu on the left and select "WhatsApp""Settings." Add a Callback URL and Verify the token, copying them from the Planfix integration:


  • Then set up "Webhook Fields," subscribing to all fields:



Creating a system user

A system user is needed to generate an Access Token. It is used when connecting the integration in Planfix. To create a system user, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Meta Business Suite.
  • Find your business account, and in the dropdown menu in the top left corner, click the gear icon "Settings."
  • Choose "Company Settings."
  • Go to the "Users""System Users" section.
  • Click "Add" and create a system user:
  • Add the system user's name.
  • Specify the role as "Administrator" and save.
  • You need to provide access to your application that was created at the beginning. To do this, click the *"Add Objects" button:



  • Now click the "Create new token" (Access Token) button:


  • Specify your application. Choose permissions: whatsapp_business_messaging and whatsapp_business_management.
  • Generate the token (Access Token), copy it, and save it.

Granting the system user access to the phone number

  • Log in to Meta Business Suite.
  • Select the business account to which the application was added (1).
  • Then on the left in the "Accounts" section, choose "WhatsApp Accounts" (2) and select your WhatsApp business account (3).
  • Click the "Add People" button (4):


Choose the system user created earlier, give them full access rights, and save the settings.

Work in test mode

  • Open your application in Meta for Developers.
  • Copy the WhatsApp Business Account ID (1) and the temporary token (2), then in the Planfix integration, add them to the corresponding fields.
  • Click the "Update" link to add a test number automatically:


Work in live mode

  • Open your application in Meta for Developers.
  • Copy the WhatsApp Business Account ID.
  • Add the "Add Phone Number" button if the number is not there. It is located below on the same page.
  • After completing the integration setup, click the "Update" link. The corresponding numbers should be automatically added with the correct WhatsApp Business Account ID and Access Token.


  • Contacting someone through the official WhatsApp Cloud API is not allowed. This is a rule set by WhatsApp itself.
  • With Planfix, you can use buttons or scripts to send pre-written messages approved by WhatsApp.

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