How do you assign a task to a user from a different Planfix account?

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You can assign a task to a user from a different Planfix account if you know their email address or internal email address in Planfix. When creating a task, enter the email address in the field for selecting assignees. If there is no user or contact in your account with the email address you enter, Planfix will suggest adding it to your contact list:


Press Enter. Planfix searches across all accounts for users with the email address you entered.

  • If a user is found, you will see their name in the list of task assignees. Planfix will also automatically add them as a contact, and when assigning tasks in the future you will be able to select them by name, not only by email.

  • If there is no user with this email address, Planfix will create a contact anyway, with the email address as the contact's name. You will be able to assign the task to them, and they will receive a notification from you. Their responses to Planfix notifications will be added to the corresponding tasks as new actions. In so doing, you can work in Planfix with users who don't have an account.


If you're trying to connect two of your own profiles in separate accounts, you should use an account link.

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