Design Updates

We jazzed up the reports with a fresh, trendy design:

A New Planfix Mobile App 0.57 is Available

What’s New:

— You can now tag people (@name) in the comments.
— In the full comment form, we have added the ability to change the task status and a checkbox to notify all employees or contacts simultaneously.

Fixes and Updates:

— We have improved the functionality of the full contact editing form.


New Window Design

The window showing a list of those who have liked the comment now looks different:

The Start Time for Data Tags in the Hourly Calendar

You can now see the start time for the data tag in the hourly calendar? Just switch the calendar view to “Month.”

It’s super handy to use this format for things like specifying the delivery time for an order. We’re sure you can find other ways to use this new feature in your work:

Enhanced Telegram Group Bot with Planfix Integration

Now your own bots in Telegram groups are gonna work just like the Planfix bot. They’ll handle commands, connect the group to the Planfix tasks and projects you need, and a bunch more stuff. This way, when you’re chatting with clients, they’ll see your own bots, not the Planfix ones:

Enhanced Button Color Customization Options

Check this out – the workspace just got more fun. You can now customize the button colors however you like: