Task Name in the Link

We’ve taught Planfix to pull in the name of a task when a link to it is added. Now you won’t have to go to the task to view its name, and what’s more, the color the name is displayed in shows you the stage it’s at. This helps you get oriented quickly when viewing a list of task links.

New Methods in REST API

We’ve added methods for working with employees to our REST API. Read more in the specs.

If you don’t understand what we’re talking about here, no worries. Just pass this update along to your developers.

An Activity Light in the Graphs

We’ve added an active/inactive light bulb to report graphics. If you disable it, the chart or graph will be hidden. This lets you save different graphics and display them in reports as needed.

A New Option to Instagram Integration

We’ve added a new option to our Instagram integration: “Create tasks from tags in stories”. Now, no tag will go unnoticed. This new feature will help the manager of your business’s page gather feedback from customers.

A New Planfix Mobile App 0.48 is Available

What’s New:

— The task card shows which participant is typing the message.

— The “Documents” section has been added to the contact card.

— When searching for a contact fails, the system offers to create a new one.

— You can now minimize task and contact filter groups.

— The task description text and comment can now contain bullets and numbered lists.

 Fixes and Updates:

— Tasks can now be saved as drafts.

— Other minor updates and fixes have been made to ensure the app’s stability.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1475346366

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.planfixng

Notification Configuration for Script Actions

We’re continuing to work to make Planfix even more convenient to use. Part of this work involved separating notification configuration for script actions into its own item. Now it’s clear that this setting applies to the whole script, not just part of it, like many users thought 😊

A New the Appearance of Charts and Graphs

Based on your countless requests, we’ve updated the appearance of charts and graphs in reports.

Company Contacts

We’ve made it possible to display company contacts in the planner card.

A New Setting in the Employee Card

We’ve added a setting to employee cards: “Warn if no user is notified about a comment”. By default, this is active and works like before, meaning if no one is notified when a message is sent, Planfix will remind the user to notify someone. These notifications can be disabled if they’re not needed.

Breadcrumbs in the Report Group 

We’ve added a way to get to back a report group through breadcrumbs. Now you can quickly get back to a group from, say, editing mode.

The Task Filter Opening on the Subtasks Tab

Now you can open the task filter from the Subtasks tab, with all columns and views, including the Gantt chart. It turns out it wasn’t intuitive to drag the width of this block, so few people did it. We’ve added an ordinary button for convenience.

Additional Event to a Task’s Log

We’ve added an additional event to a task’s log about how the task was created: via a filter or planner, or by clicking “+” in a planner list. This makes it easier to understand which filter or planner list parameters the task inherited when it was created. Now you can quickly figure out why the wrong project, assigner, or assignee was specified in a task.

Messages from Mail Robots about Undelivered Emails

Messages from mail robots about undelivered emails can now be added to the task they were sent from. For this to happen, email forwarding from external email addresses to Planfix must be enabled. Planfix will automatically add the error details to the notification report. In addition, if the “Accept email from mail robots” option is enabled in your inbox settings, the error message from the robot will go to the task from which the message was sent.

New Search Feature Added to Task Filters

We’ve added a search for the task filters by name. So now you can quickly find the right one if there are many.

Improved File Attachment Notifications

Users often forget to attach a file when communicating with colleagues or contacts. Then, they rectify the situation by editing the old comment and adding the file. Consequently, users expect the new attached file to be sent with the original email or message.

Planfix now informs users about notifications that have already gone out and won’t include the attached file to avoid such situations. The task log will display information about adding a file while a comment is edited.