Planfix Integration With Microsoft 365

The Planfix team is committed to offering convenient services to our customers, many of whom are entrepreneurs passionate about what they do. Given the importance of document management in their work, we have implemented integration with cloud office Microsoft 365 into Planfix.

Why Do You Need Office 365 Integration?

The CRM integration allows Planfix users to:

  • View Word and Excel documents.
  • Edit Word and Excel documents.
  • Collaborate on documents.

What are the advantages of Microsoft 365 Integration?

The integration of Microsoft 365 with Planfix enhances your capabilities—streamline your document management, edit files, and collaborate with your team instantly!

  • Work in a single window. Avoid the hassle of toggling between services, boosting productivity for you and your team.
  • Familiar interface. Work directly in a familiar interface and save time on employee training.
  • Team collaboration. Collaborate on documents with your team in real-time.
  • Log in and work. Just log in and start—there’s nothing else you need to do. 🙂

How to Work with Microsoft 365 Documents in Planfix

To get started, select the document or spreadsheet you want to work on in Microsoft 365. For this example, let’s say we choose a Word document:

How to Open a Document in Microsoft 365

Open the document in Microsoft 365.

There are two ways to work with documents:

  • Without authorization
  • With authorization

You can only view the document without authorization by opening it directly in Planfix. If you log in to Microsoft 365, you can edit shared documents. 

Log in to Microsoft 365 using your work or school account, then enter your username and password. After successful authorization, you’ll be able to edit the document. Please note that the same authorization process applies to collaborative document editing. Both users must be authorized in Microsoft 365.

Save time when collaborating on documents in Planfix with Microsoft Office 365 integration. Join colleagues to work on documents together and create useful presentations, informative reports, or interesting articles.

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