Throughout June, the Planfix team was fine-tuning the system. We’re excited to announce a host of fixes designed to increase efficiency and improve user experience. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

A New Feature

Great news for users of “Period of time” and “Date with time frame” fields! We have introduced a new feature called “Time step.”

It’s now available in data tags, directories, tasks, contacts, projects, and employee profiles. You can set the precision of time steps according to your company’s standards — from 1 minute to 1 hour.

A Direct Link

We have improved Google Calendar integration. Now, Planfix sends you a direct link to your event.

New Design

We are constantly working to improve Planfix and its interface so that you can manage your tasks more productively. With our new design, setting task deadlines is now easier than ever.

A New Planfix Mobile App 0.59 is Available

What’s New:

— Integration of the AI translator.
— Quick copy feature for reminder texts.
— Color indication for comments when notifying contacts.
— The ability to add new employees to the account.
— Notification window triggered by scripts or buttons.

Fixes and Updates:

— We improved the ability to open the data tag form via a button.
— We added a button to switch from the mobile browser to the app.


New Cloud Storage Section

We’ve redesigned the cloud storage section in Planfix! It’s now more informative and visually appealing.