April may be over, but our efforts to improve Planfix are just getting into full swing. Check out our latest updates and improvements to optimize your workflow even more.

New Planner Colors

We are continuing to improve the design of Planfix even more — just dropped some cool new colors into the planner.

Changes to the “My Actions” Section

The “My actions” section has been given a new name and is now called “Comments.”  We’ve also added three new tabs to keep everything organized – “Outgoing,” “Incoming,” and “My Actions”:

  • Outgoing is where you’ll find your comments in one continuous feed. 
  • Incoming is your go-to place for messages you’ve been tagged in. 
  • My actions are your activity center, where you can see what you’ve done in your account.

News for Planfix Whiteboard

We’ve added versioning! Now, you can revert to a previous version with just a click of a button. Our chart with the old data will be displayed next to the current version.

Crisp Chat Integration with Planfix

We’ve integrated Crisp Chat with Planfix. This new feature allows your team to seamlessly link the chat function on your website with our comprehensive business management system. Now, you can manage customer communications and tasks all in one place, enhancing efficiency and coordination.

For setup instructions, please visit our documentation page.

New Action in an Automatic Script

Have you been working on automating your Planfix directories? Then we have great news for you. We’ve introduced a new action to our automation scripts: “Create a directory entry.” Now you can save API for something else because this feature has got you covered.