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Add Crisp chat to your company's website and integrate it with Planfix to be closer to your customers and respond quickly to their questions.


  • Process automation. The chat with the customer automatically becomes a task in Planfix.
  • Teamwork. You can connect colleagues to the task in Planfix and work together.
  • Accumulation and analysis of data. Tasks allow you to track the time spent on them and analyze the quality of employees' work, expenses, and other parameters.
  • File exchange. The manager can automatically or manually create files and send them directly to the customer in the chat.

Integration connection

  • Register at Crisp.
  • Get the chat code, copy it, and add it to your website:


  • Click on this link to connect the integration with Planfix.

Setting up in Planfix

  • Go to the Account ManagementIntegrationsChatsCrispAdd account. Fill in the integration parameters:


  • Add the company name.
  • In the Website ID field, add the website ID. You can copy it in your Crisp account in the Website Settings section in the Setup instructions block:


  • In the Input operator's registered email field, add the email you used to register in Crisp.
  • Specify the template according to which tasks will be automatically created for Crisp chats.
  • Add the contact template according to which new customer cards will be created from Crisp chats.
  • Save the settings.


See the Crisp chat code and instructions for adding to the site in the settings of your Crisp account:


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