Microsoft Project Import to Planfix

We’ve integrated Planfix with Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project information optimizes workflow efficiency, ensuring a smoother transition between systems while leveraging Planfix’s additional functionalities for improved project handling. Now, let’s take a closer look at importing related tasks from Microsoft Project into Planfix.

Why Should You Import Microsoft Project Data Into Planfix?

Importing Microsoft Project data into Planfix offers numerous advantages, enhancing project management and streamlining processes. This transition enables seamless project integration, allowing for better task management, project management and resource allocation. Furthermore, it facilitates a centralized platform, simplifying collaboration among team members and providing a more comprehensive overview of project timelines and progress.

The Main Challenge with Microsoft Project Import

Planfix and Microsoft Project are two distinct worlds, each with its own chronology. Yes, time can be measured in different ways. However, to bridge these two worlds, they must align perfectly.

Imagine you have Microsoft Project open in front of you. You see an entry in the “task duration” field indicating 8.23 days, measured as a fraction of hours. The task will clearly take eight days, but what about the “23”? What does that mean?

Planfix doesn’t recognize the entry “8.23 days.” And as we’ve established, for two worlds to bridge seamlessly, they must align in all respects. This means the trio of start date, duration, and completion – the actual finish date in Microsoft Project and Planfix may not coincide due to the fractional duration.

Consequently, transferring the duration of related tasks from Microsoft Project to Planfix is not possible in the project integration.

A Simple Solution for Importing MS Project to Planfix

We understand how important customized processes and data are for a company. Naturally, companies are afraid to switch to a new project and task management system for fear of losing the database. Using Planfix project integration management, you can easily transfer tasks that you and your teams worked on previously without losing the Microsoft Project database.

If we can’t transfer task durations, we simply won’t.

As a result, only the start and due dates and the relationships between tasks are imported from Microsoft Project to Planfix in the Microsoft Project integration.

How to Import Data From Microsoft Project to Planfix

1. In Microsoft Project, you have a project with tasks that need to be transferred to Planfix:

Microsoft Project Dependent Tasks

2. Save the project file with tasks in .mpp format:

Save a Project in Microsoft Project

3. Create a new project in Planfix and click the “Import” button:

Import a Project to Planfix

4. Upload the saved Microsoft Project file to Planfix:

Load the Saved Project to Planfix

5. Set the template for the imported tasks and select the appropriate task field for each column where the data will be imported:

Setting up import from MS Project

6. After the import is complete, switch to the Gantt chart in the Project Tasks view to see the start and due dates of the tasks and their relations to each other:

Click on a Gantt chart

The tasks from Microsoft Project have been transferred to project management software – Planfix.

Let’s Summarize

  • It is possible to import Tasks from Microsoft Project into Planfix.
  • When importing, Planfix recognizes the following file formats: mpp, mpx, mpd, mspdi, pod.
  • The task duration cannot be imported because it is measured as a fraction of hours.
  • Only the actual start date, due date, and connections between tasks are imported from Microsoft Project to Planfix.

Enjoy the simplicity of the project integration management!