New Integrations with SMS Services

We have integrated Planfix with SMS services: Twilio, Plivo, Vonage, Telnyx, SimpleTexting, TextUs.

A Search for the Planner Filters

We’ve added a search for the planner filters by name. So now it’s easier to find the planner you’re looking for.

New Integrations with the Email Marketing Service

We have integrated Planfix with the email marketing service Sendinblue and Yespo.

Creation Date in the Task Card

We’ve added the possibility of displaying the contact creation date in the task card.

The limits and the Number of User Fields 

We have added a display of the limits and the number of user fields already used. So it is no longer necessary to guess how many fields are available.

Names of Dynamic Block

The dynamic blocks can now be named. Regardless of how many blocks there are, you can easily navigate them.

New Authorization Method

Microsoft has announced that basic authentication for email clients will be disabled on Dec. 31, 2022.  As a result, third-party email clients (including Planfix) will no longer be able to process emails. For this reason, we have changed our policy for sending emails via Outlook. First, try Planfix’s new authorization method if you use it in your work. To do this, select the appropriate mail server for external addresses in the Planfix settings.

System Directories Open in the Additional Panel

We’re getting different Planfix sections to do the same type of work. Now, system directories open in the additional panel just as implemented in the settings for custom fields. We’re doing what we can to make working with Planfix as convenient as possible.