Planfix is introducing another new feature. We’ve added “Import data from other services” to the “Integrations” section. As of now, this includes an option to import from Trello. Whether you migrate from this service or not is up to you, but it’s important to ensure that the possibility exists and that it’s easy and convenient. So, let’s talk more about it.

Step #1: Starting the Import Process

To start the import, go to “Account Management” – “Integrations” – “Import data from other services” – “Trello.” A window with import settings will open, and you’ll need to enter the authorization token. You can get it from a particular link:

Start import.
Please note that clicking the link will open a pop-up window. Your browser may block such windows. Make sure these are allowed and repeat the process if it doesn’t work the first time.

Step #2: Permit Planfix to Interact with Trello

In the end, you’ll see a window like this:

Permit Planfix to interact with Trello.
Give Planfix access to your Trello account.

Step #3: Get the Authorization Token

The system will then return to the import settings window – the authorization token will be added automatically:

Get the Authorization Token.
Click the Import button.
That’s it! Simple and convenient.

Important Technical Component of the Import Trello Board

— For tasks from Trello, Planfix creates a new process: “Trello – Board Name.”

— This process creates statuses that correspond to Trello columns. The same status will be used if one exists.

— The new process includes a system status “Draft” and statuses from the Trello board. There are transitions from all statuses to all others for the assigner, auditors, and assignees.

— A planner is created for the new process.

— Trello cards are imported as tasks.

— Participants are imported into Planfix as contacts with basic access (limited access via a personal account), or contacts that have already been created are used. Searching for existing contacts is done using the email listed in the Trello account, provided the token owner has access to it in Trello:

  • A new contact is created with basic access if the email is available but not found in Planfix.
  • The previously created contact is used if the email is available and found in Planfix.
  • If the email isn’t available in Trello for the token owner, a new contact is created without email.

— Standard system templates are used to create tasks and contacts in Planfix.

— Only the description and other system fields from the Trello card are imported into the Planfix task. If there are requests to import user fields as well, we’ll implement that in the next iteration.

— Also imported into the task are: files, checklists, and comments attached to the Trello card.

— At the end of the import, the created planner will be opened automatically.

— The authorization token is stored in Planfix so that the next import can be started easily and quickly. The token is available only to the person who saved it.

The ability to import from Trello to Planfix is now available! Whether to migrate and, use Trello planner integration or not, as we said, can be decided on a case-by-case basis.

We like how Trello CRM integration works now, but that’s only our initial vision of the process. We may have overlooked or underdeveloped something, so we’re willing to listen to your suggestions and feedback in the comments!

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