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You can connect Planfix to the virtual PBX that you use. With this integration, you can:

Enabling integration

To set up integration with virtual PBX, go to the Account ManagementIntegrations section (available for account owners and administrations) and click Virtual PBX:


Then select the desired virtual PBX from the list and enter the data required for integration.

How to make a call when integrating with telephony in Planfix

When Planfix is integrated with telephony, incoming and outgoing calls are made the same way without integration: via a SIP phone/program that communicates with the cloud PBX.

On an incoming call:

  • The PBX calls the SIP phone/program of the employee who is set on the PBX side as the person who receives calls to this number;

On an outgoing call:

  • The PBX first calls the SIP phone/program of the calling employee;
  • Once they pick up, the call is made to the contact, and they are connected;

In any case, PBX provides the link, and the call is made exactly as it would be if Planfix were not involved.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • You must specify the employee's short number in the integration settings so that Planfix can identify the person who should receive or make the call and display the appropriate information on their screen.
  • The employee's extension numbers that you specify in the integration settings in Planfix must match the extension numbers of the same employees specified in the virtual PBX settings.
  • Calls made to extension numbers that Planfix doesn't recognize will not be recorded in the system. This also allows you to record in Planfix only the calls that go to the employees who use Planfix and not the calls that go to all the employees who can accept calls via the virtual PBX (e.g., security guards, drivers, and others).

List of supported virtual PBX

Integration with the following virtual PBX is currently supported:


Integration limitations

  • In case of an unsuccessful outgoing call (busy signal, the recipient didn't pick up, etc.), the call will not be recorded in the system, i.e., the data tag "Call" is not added. In case of an unsuccessful outgoing call, a data tag Missed Call with an outgoing type is added.
  • Calls TO and FROM the phone numbers specified in the contact cards do not open the call window and are not recorded with a data tag.
  • Calls between internal (short) numbers using the virtual PBX also do not open the call window and are not recorded with a data tag.

You can view the data about the calls in the above instances in the interface of the virtual PBX you use. If you find yourself in a situation where these limitations affect your work in any way, please write to us with a detailed description. Your feedback could influence the future development of our integration with telephony.


  • If the service you use is not in the list of supported services, write to us, and we will check if we can add it.

Additional information

  • Missed calls are permanently attached to the contact card.
  • Where you can attach records of successful calls, you determine yourself in the telephony settings of your account.


  • Virtual PBX providers can integrate their services into Planfix using our telephony API. Services that integrate in this way can be added to our list. Don't hesitate to contact our support team to clarify this.

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