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In the planner, "list" and "card" list types allow you to make one-click calls to customers.

Call from Card

  • Open the planner list for editing.
  • Go to the "Card" tab.
  • Click "Add" and select the "Telephone numbers" field. This way, you can display the phone numbers of counterparties and contacts:


To call a customer, click on the phone number in the card.


Call from the List

  • Open the list for editing and go to the card settings.
  • Display the "Telephone number" field on the card.
  • Go to the "Behavior and appearance" tab.
  • Choose the "Short" format for displaying the task or contact card:


Click on the task or contact from the list to open the short card. Press the phone number to make a call.


Please Note

Both the phones of the contact specified in the standard Counterparty field of the task and the phones of contacts added in custom fields of the task type Contact are available.

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