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Counterparty is a Task field that normally contains a link to a Contact (either an individual or a company) for whom they work in a given task is being done. This is a convenient way to link a task and a contact, so we highly recommend Counterparty fields. They're particularly useful when you work with clients, vendors, and/or contractors.

Linking tasks and contacts make it possible to do display tasks in contact card checklists. The counterparty field is also convenient when you want to display a certain contact's tasks in filters, the Planner, reports, and other Planfix sections. Scripts allow you to address a counterparty when carrying out various operations on tasks.

The list of possible task counterparties contains contacts with the Show in the list for choosing task counterparty attribute active:


All companies added to Planfix using the Company template contain this attribute by default. If you work with individuals, not companies, this attribute should be added to the contact template you use. All contacts created using the template will then automatically be displayed in the list of possible counterparties when creating a task.

Useful information

You can quickly create a new counterparty within a task. This is convenient when creating new tasks on the fly for requests or orders. In a task's template, you can specify which template to use to create counterparties added to the task. Learn more in our help section.

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