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When setting up integration with virtual PBX, be sure to specify short numbers. This way, Planfix can correctly identify the employee who is receiving or making a call, and display the accompanying information on their screen.

The short numbers of employees within Planfix should match the short numbers of the same employees specified in the virtual PBX settings.

Setting up a short number

  • Activate the integration with the virtual PBX via "Account Management" - "Integrations" - "Virtual PBX".
  • In the integration settings, specify the short numbers for each employee:



  • In Planfix, only calls through the virtual PBX in the Contact-Employee bundle are recorded, but only for those employees who have short numbers set.
  • Calls to short numbers unknown to Planfix are not recorded in the system. This also allows you to record in Planfix only the calls of the necessary employees who work in it, and not all those who can receive calls going through the virtual PBX (security guards, drivers, employees of other departments, etc.).
  • Calls between short numbers of the virtual PBX do not lead to the appearance of a call window inside Planfix and are not recorded by the system's analytics. You can view data on such calls in the interface of the used virtual PBX.

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