Listening to a call recording

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If you connect the integration to PBX, you can use the following option to choose whether you want to upload telephone conversation records to Planfix or not:


The options available in this list may vary depending on the capabilities offered by a particular virtual PBX.

Regarding the interface, listening to conversations stored on the PBX side is almost no different from the option with their storage in Planfix. In both cases, the conversation recording looks like a file attached to the action in the contact card or task, which can be listened to or downloaded:


However, the internal difference is very significant. If the file is not stored in Planfix, the system requests the current link to the file from the PBX when clicked and uploads the recording file to the viewport when it can be provided.


In all setting options, the recording must be done in the cloud on the PBX side. Planfix technically cannot make the recording itself, as it only receives notifications about the state of the call, but the call itself does not go through it. The setting options you choose for the records only affect whether Planfix will copy the recorded conversations to itself or not.

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