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Directories are a multifunctional Planfix tool that let you accumulate and use data for your work and tracking purposes. Store data about products, services, access, documentation, and much more.

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Features — Directories


Create, add, group, and structure data for various uses and teams. Set up filters in directories, sort entries in them, and share the entries with employees, thus speeding up teamwork. Planfix lets you archive, export, and import directories.

Customization — Directories


Create a knowledge base for employees, outline instructions for onboarding new members of various teams, or store internal company information, such as documentation, passwords, access information, or prices for sales departments. Add your products and services to a directory and create invoices and price quotes based on them.

Flexible Management — Directories

Flexible Management

Planfix allows for flexible directory management, storing all changes made to them in a log. Add links to directory elements in text fields to quickly navigate to them, or specify them in task fields or data tags to work with them further.


Determine for yourself what reference information you need to store in your Planfix account.

Directory Groups

Clearly structure all of your reference information using directory groups.

Filters in Directories

Filter and sort any directory entries and specify selection parameters.
Access to Directories — Directories

Access to Directories

Set up access to directories or individual entries, allowing employees, companies, or external contacts to view, edit, or delete them.

Directory Import

Import large quantities of directory information into Planfix easily using directory entry import.

Directory Export

Easily export directory entries to different programs and services.

Archived Entries

Archive directory entries if you're not planning on using them in the future but links to them exist in Planfix objects.

Entries in Text

Insert a link to a directory or a value from it in a task text field or comment.

Entries in Fields

Use directory entries or values from them in additional custom task and contact fields.

Access to Directories

Set up employee access to directories and subdirectories.
Work with directories and accumulate and store data important to your company in one system you can access quickly.

Access to Directory Entries

Set up personal access to directory entries for each employee.

Directory Log

Use the log to track when directories and their entries are added and deleted.

Recycle Bin in Directories

Deleted directory entries are sent to the recycle bin and can be restored up to 90 days after deletion.
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