New in Planfix REST API

We have fantastic news for Planfix REST API users! We’ve enhanced your ability to work with employees by incorporating advanced filtering options. Now, you can obtain more precise employee lists by applying multiple filtering parameters at once. For further details, please consult the specifications.

A New “Comments Background” Setting

A new “Comments Background” setting has been introduced in the “Chat” view. By default, this setting is enabled, displaying the familiar comment feed design. However, if you choose to disable it, you will experience a change in appearance, as we prepare for the upcoming dark theme in Planfix.

New in Automated Script

In today’s update, we are excited to announce a highly anticipated feature, particularly for seasoned Planfix users. Variables, formulas, and infoblocks can now be incorporated into the “Add checklist item” action within an automated script. This allows for greater flexibility, such as using variables to automatically generate the desired name for a new checklist item. Additionally, you can extract text from task comments to populate the checklist and automatically input data into new checklist items by parsing responses from POST requests received from other services.

HTTP Requests in Technical Log

We are constantly working to enhance the informational content of the technical log for issues. For instance, the log now tracks the sending and processing of HTTP requests.

A New Planfix Mobile App 0.50 is Available

What’s New:

— Added an “Employees” section, where you can view employees, robots, and workgroups, as well as filter them by “activity” and “currently online.” You can also copy an employee’s name, link, and internal email address from their card.
— You can now set a task name by voice.

Fixes and Updates: 

— The Planfix logo has been updated. 
— Voice messages size have been reduced.
— iOS users can now send multiple files to Planfix simultaneously.
— The name and location of the comment menu item “View with formatting” has been changed. Now, you can copy part of the text using the first menu item – “Copy part of the text.”
— Other minor updates and fixes have been made to ensure the app’s stability.