Tracking Sent and Read Mail Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Tracking Sent and Read Mail

Planfix is a system that lets you manage tasks at a whole new level. Send documents, price offers, or invoices to clients, and track when they are delivered and read.

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Tracking Features — Tracking Sent and Read Mail

Tracking Features

Planfix lets you set tasks by email and track the progress of work on them, regardless of communication channel. The system lets you see when your emails have been sent and when they have been opened.

Multiple Channels — Tracking Sent and Read Mail

Multiple Channels

Receive messages, requests, and orders from clients from various different channels, including messengers, social media, and email, and process them centrally in a single interface: Planfix.

Notifications — Tracking Sent and Read Mail


Reporting on notification delivery works as expected, with the following messages: error sending email, email sent, or email read. You can also view the communication channel through which the email to the colleague or client was sent.

Tracking sent and read emails lets you work more efficiently on tasks, with notifications helping you respond in a timely manner to emails that failed to send.
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