Task Print Settings

We’ve made printing tasks more efficient by allowing you to pick specific options such as “Description,” “Title,” “Status,” and “Assigner and Creation Date” as separate options. As a result, you can save time and paper by printing only the data you need.

Minimalist Design for the Workspace

There are now more customization options available when setting up workspaces in Planfix. For example, you can now control the search bar, help, and recent entries. So you can create a minimalist design for the workspace to minimize employee distraction or design the interface in corporate colors to hide unnecessary information from external contacts.

The Quick Response

We’ve improved the quick response feature. You can now use it in the task description. This will be helpful if you want to write a template email with minimal changes to your contractor.

Planfix’s Appearance

Our team continues to work on improving Planfix’s appearance. For example, now we have added icons for the menu in the report columns to make it visually easier to find the items you need.

Manage Access to Directory Entries

We aim to make working in Planfix easy for everyone, including administrators. Especially for them, we have created the possibility to manage access to directory entries via the task card. Admins can now edit directory access directly in the task field without visiting the directory itself.

A New Design the Registration Page

We’re continuing to work on the new Planfix design. Today you can see our new account registration page.


Here’s some good news for those who use Planfix’s REST API. We have added the ability to get data tags data by condition. For example, it’s possible to get data about a specific employee for a particular period from the “Actual working time” data tag.

We’ve added methods for working with directories to our REST API. Read more in the specs.