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You can grant external users access to your account. These users will have access that is more restricted than that of employees. External users are added to the contacts list, and they are granted Planfix access. This is typically how clients, external contractors, freelancers, etc., are added.

External users have the following restrictions when using Planfix

  • They see only their Company's projects (the company they're added to as a contact)
  • They cannot create new projects
  • They can only set tasks for client managers of projects available to them
  • They don't see the Company section
  • They cannot be grouped
  • They cannot be used in the company structure (so they can't be managers or have managers)
  • They cannot add new contacts, edit existing ones, or be supervisors for contacts
  • They cannot create new reports (but can use existing ones if they are granted access)
  • They cannot create new planners (but can use existing ones if they're granted access)
  • They have no rules for creating tasks from emails
  • They cannot create email notification templates for contacts with Base access

In all other ways, external users have the same access rights as company employees.

Helpful information

  • Nothing is stopping you from adding people who actually work for your company as external users. Make your decisions based only on the functionalities each user needs and what would make their work most convenient. It's perfectly acceptable for some of your employees to be added as external users. For example, drivers for exports could be added as external users, because all they need to be able to do is receive and complete tasks. But as the name implies, external contacts are intended to be people who work outside your company. You may find it inconvenient to work with external contacts as if they were employees (when it comes to things like grouping, etc.).
  • Access to tasks for external contacts is defined by the same principles as access for company employees
  • You can add contacts to Planfix and assign them tasks or accept tasks from them by email. If a contact doesn't have access to your account, they aren't considered an "external user."

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