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Planfix lets you configure templates for email notifications that are sent from Planfix to external contacts' email addresses. This applies to external contacts who don't have Planfix access.

There are five types of notifications:


  • New task assigned to a contact
  • New comment about which contact was notified

Additional, which are optional

  • Task created from an external contact's incoming mail (auto-response)
  • Task accepted that an external contact owns
  • Status changed of a task an external contact owns

Please note: The additional notifications are disabled by default.

You can create additional notification templates for sending emails using scripts.

Creating templates from email notifications

Templates are created in the Account management - Email section:


In the Notification templates tab, you can add a new email notification template.

By default, system templates are not displayed in this tab, since they can't be edited:


The interface for creating a template opens when you click the New template button:


You must set the following parameters for a new email notification template:

  • Name (can be set manually or using variables from the list):


  • Email subject (The task name is used by default):


  • Email body (you can display different variables in emails, which you can manage in Planfix. Variables are displayed in templates as the field name enclosed in double curly brackets):


A full list of variables is available if you follow the link in the reference section:


Clicking the link opens a drop-down list of available fields:


Additional information in emails includes the following:

If necessary, you can disable unnecessary details and the link to the client's Dashboard. This leaves you with only an automatic signature, which makes the template look like a regular email:



You may use the HTML layout in the template by pasting it into the source code:


Connecting email notification templates

To connect a template in the Notifications for external contacts section, you need to set the template in place of the standard one:


Don't forget to activate the three additional notifications when you connect them: to do this, click the checkmark next to the template:


Please note

Configuring email notification templates for contacts with Base access is only available for paid and premium accounts.

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