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The dashboard gives your contacts (clients, partners, contractors, etc.) access to information in the Planfix team-based management system. It is provided automatically to all contacts you communicate with from Planfix, free of charge.

A link to the dashboard is placed at the footer of each email notification sent from Planfix to an external contact. The link text is "Full conversation history," and it leads to the client's Dashboard:


The dashboard allows clients or other external contacts who receive Planfix notifications to:

  • See the full conversation history of tasks
  • Add comments and files


  • View and download files attached to tasks


  • View a list of available tasks and switch between them


Please note:

  • Checklists are not visible on Dashboards, and so they cannot be updated there.
  • If contact is the Assignee of a task, they will have access to the task description on their dashboard.
  • Clients who are Participants in a task will not see the task description on their dashboard.

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