Setting Comment Visibility for Contacts with Advanced Access

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External users are contacts you have granted access to your account (usually your clients). They can access the comments on the tasks available to them in one of two modes:

  • See all unhidden comments in tasks available to them and Contact Cards (set by default). In this mode, clients can see all comments except those hidden. Employees have access to internal messages in tasks they are working on.
  • Only see the comments where they have been explicitly notified. This mode is convenient when the client connects to tasks that may contain correspondence not intended for them. With this option, the external user won't see comments they haven't been explicitly notified about. This allows for smooth communication in tasks without informing the client and without worrying that they'll see something they shouldn’t.

Manage comment visibility for contacts with advanced access:

  • You can select the desired comment visibility mode for external users in Account ManagementSystem SettingsCompany settingsContacts with Planfix access:



  • The selected mode will apply to all external users and will be applied to all comments, including those added before its activation.


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