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If payment for Planfix isn't made on time, your account will automatically be disabled. Your account owner can then either pay for your account or switch to a free version of the system. Until they have made their decision, other account users will not be able to work in Planfix.


If payment isn't made, not only will log in to the interface be disabled — features that are only associated with paid plans will also be disabled. This includes:


Therefore, there will be consequences to not paying on time if you use features available only to paid accounts. Specifically, some of your company's information will stop reaching Planfix or will not be sent from Planfix to clients and coworkers in the way they expect.

This makes late payments worth avoiding. If you are unable to pay for Planfix on time for some reason but are planning to continue using the service, write to our Support team so everything can be coordinated as early as possible.

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