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Planfix allows you to track the delivery of notifications sent by different channels. You can track notifications sent to coworkers and contacts, and you can track when notifications sent by email to external contacts were opened.


Each task or comment has a delivery status icon:



Clicking on this status icon opens a window with additional information about the delivery status:




Notification delivery statuses

There are three different delivery statuses:

  • Sent

Lets you know that the message was accepted by the mail server or sent by a different channel (if the notification was through an integration with a social network or messenger).

  • Error

Lets you know that the message was not sent. Clicking on the status symbol gives you additional information about the reason for the issue:




  • Read

Lets you know that the recipient has opened the email. Clicking on the status symbol lets you see the date and time that the recipient opened the email:




Additional information

  • "Invisible pixels" are used to track when emails are opened (i.e. read). You can disable the tracking of email opening.
  • In some cases, the "Read" status symbol may not work properly — if, say, the recipient's email service doesn't display images.
  • Only paid and premium Planfix accounts can use tracking.
  • The length of time for which sent and read receipts are available depends on your plan.
  • If you use your own company mail server (or any external mail server) to send emails from Planfix, then emails' sent statuses will indicate only that messages have been accepted from Planfix by your server.
  • If you enable the setting Show recipients' email addresses in messages and send a message to several people, the message will be tracked as "read" when at least one of the recipients opens it.


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