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With Planfix, working with contacts who don't use the service is very similar to having an ordinary email conversation:

  • All participants in the communication receive an email in which all recipients are listed
  • When responding by email, each recipient uses reply all so all participants receive their response.

The Specify the email addresses of all recipients in the email attribute, along with the Do not send contacts notifications about actions added by other participants by email attribute, helps configure Planfix for using email in this way. Activating this attribute ensures that if at least one recipient is an external contact, then notifications about tasks and actions will be sent in one common email. In this scenario, the email addresses of all recipients, both external contacts and employees, are listed in the To field of the email.


When using this setting, you must consider the following:

  • The notification emails are sent according to the template for external contacts. If the recipients also include employees, they will receive the email using the contact template, as all recipients will receive a single, uniform email.
  • Notification emails are sent to the external addresses of the employees listed in their profiles and used for email notifications. These addresses are also displayed in the list of email recipients and are visible to the customer.
  • If an employee has disabled email notifications, the email will list the address specified in the additional setting for employees who have disabled email notifications:


  • Not included in the recipient list: The employee will not receive notifications, and their address will not be listed in the recipient list.
  • Internal email address specified: The recipient list contains the internal email address of the notified employee.
  • External email address specified: The recipient list contains the email address from the notified employee's profile. They will receive the email regardless of whether they have deactivated email notification for this type of message.
  • The notification email is sent from the address configured in the system for sending emails to external contacts: either the employee's internal address (the message author) or the configured external email address.
  • If the option to send the conversation history is enabled and there are multiple contacts among the recipients, the email will only contain the history for one of them.
  • If no contacts are among the notification recipients, the default notification system for employees is used. The default system emails are also sent to employees who have enabled email notifications.

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