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Planfix can send email notifications from external email addresses. You can configure these emails at the user level (from an employee's external email address) or at the account level (from a company's external email address).

This feature is most commonly used to create the scenario where your clients, partners, and/or contractors get emails from company or personal email addresses, as they're used to, and you do all of your work in Planfix.

Configuring external email addresses

Configuration can be done in Account Management / Email / Outgoing messages. Detailed instructions on configuring emails for employees and companies can be found here:

Using several external email addresses

When you add a project (or projects) in the settings of a company external email address, you guarantee automatic communication with external contacts from this email address, for any task in any of the projects listed:


Let's say an employee has access to several email addresses (personal or work addresses) and these addresses are available in the project the employee is working in. When a comment is added in Planfix that an external contact should be notified about, the employee will be able to select the address the notification is sent from:



  • If an email account is configured both at the account level and at the user level, the user-level settings will be applied. This makes it possible to use a general mailbox for one group of employees in an account (by setting it at the account level) and personal email addresses for another group of employees (by setting them in the employees' personal cards).
  • Only paid and premium accounts can send emails from external mailboxes. Users with free plans are unable to use this feature. Their emails will be sent from employee internal email addresses in Planfix.
  • These features will be available for new Planfix accounts during trial periods so new users can test them out. If an account switches to a free plan after their trial period, emails will switch to being sent from internal email addresses in Planfix.

Emails being sent to a client's spam

If you send emails through your server, then the server must comply with the requirements that popular mail servers meet in order to ensure that your emails don't get sent to your client's spam folder. Planfix does not affect this.

  • Check that the server: has an SPF record, has a DKIM signature.
  • If the server is already used for email mailouts: register at and check deliverability and domain reputation. If there are issues and numerous complaints about the domain, subscribe to FBL and see what the complaints are about.

Using transactional email services

You can use transactional email services provided by SMTP API. Examples of services:

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