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There are three ways to export contacts in Planfix. You can export them as part of a general export of account data, by using the reports feature, or directly from a contact filter.

Exporting contacts from a contact filter

You can initiate a contact export from any Contact filter, using the Export button:


This lets you download a file with a list of contacts who meet the filter's conditions. XLSX is selected as the default download file type, but you can also select CSV, and you can choose period or comma as the decimal separator:


If you want to export just contacts who meet certain criteria, filter them using a contact filter or a quick filter, which you can get to by clicking the corresponding list column:


You can also set up which of the contact fields will be in the export file:


Exporting contacts using reports

To export contacts, you need to:

Exporting contacts as part of a general data export

  • You can also export contacts as part of a general export of all data and files, in the Account management section.
  • The data will be downloaded as a ZIP file, broken out by sections, in JSON.
  • Only account owners can download a general export, and they can only do it once every 30 days, due to the heavy load on the system.

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