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Filters in the Contacts section make working with contacts easier and more convenient Contact filters work the same way as task filters. There are several standard filters by default:




You can:

  • create your own filters;
  • switch between filters;
  • control whether or not a filter is visible in the left panel;
  • add columns to the list of contacts displayed by a filter (this includes custom Company and Contact fields that you have added to Planfix);
  • combine filters into groups;
  • perform bulk actions on filtered contacts.


For more information about filter procedures and settings, see the Task filters article.


Exporting contacts from filters to mailing services

If you enable integration with one of the supported mailing services, you can automatically export data of contacts selected by a filter as mailing lists for the service. For more information, see this help article.



  • If you have a filter applied and create a contact or company by clicking on the New contact or New company button, logic will be applied that automatically fills the contact preferences with the values set in the filter parameters.

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