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There are several options for exporting data you have accumulated in Planfix:

  • using reports - any data that can be obtained by using the report builder can be exported as a CSV or XLSX file
  • using the Planfix API - the API is usually used for regular data exchange with other systems, but you can use it to get the data you need
  • a general export of all data and files - this is done in the Account management section, and it's generally done to create archive copies:


New data archive — gets you an archive file containing all data entered by account users into the system.

New file archive — all files uploaded to cloud storage.

Please note

Data is downloaded as a ZIP file, broken out by sections, in JSON. In the archive, all data is linked to the way it is in Planfix. This lets you restore the connections between tasks, projects, counterparties, etc. — exactly how they were in Planfix. Only account owners can download a general export, and they can only do it once every 30 days, due to the heavy load on the system.

The export tool is not designed for creating backup copies of Planfix data so you can later return to previous points in time. Data downloaded from the Planfix cannot be uploaded back into the system. If you need to roll back your account to some point in the past, please write to our Support team for additional information.

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