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The Planfix XML API is a set of interfaces designed to let you access Planfix account data using HTTP and XML protocol.

The API allows you to quickly and easily create web and desktop apps that you can integrate with any Planfix account.

Here are several use cases for the Planfix API:

  1. Creating your own apps or services based on Planfix;
  2. Developing add-ons to the basic Planfix functionality. Expanding the ways in which Planfix can be used;
  3. Importing data from other systems into Planfix;
  4. Exporting data from Planfix into other systems;
  5. Setting up notifications about tasks and actions in Planfix through clients' preferred platforms;
  6. Porting Planfix to another platform, including mobile platforms;
  7. Creating services to receive and use analytical data in Planfix.


The API can only be used with paid and premium accounts.



Data incoming to Planfix can be further processed before use.

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