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In Planfix, data can come from different sources, sometimes in an incorrect format. There are cases when it needs to be "cleaned up" before further use. For example:

  • Trim part of it
  • Combine several infoblock values into one
  • Combine received data with values that already exist in the task

Usually, additional processing of data coming into Planfix is necessary when working with APIs, webhooks, and email.


Imagine you are collecting applications. Data from clients comes in through an incoming webhook via a special form on the website. You plan to send an SMS notification about a completed order, so phone numbers must be collected in a specific format, for example, with a mandatory "+" before the digits of the number. You can add the missing "+" using the Calculate Infoblock operation:


If the "+" is specified in the phone number, nothing is added to the infoblock, if it is not specified - "+" is added before the digits of the phone number.

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