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Planfix lets you create custom project roles, which are roles that you add to the system yourself.

Here's how it works:

  • One of the types of user fields that can be added to a project card is an Employee field.
  • Each Employee field added to a project template becomes available in task templates. It appears in the list of assignees, participants, and auditors.

Creating custom roles

New fields can be added when editing or creating a project template:


Select the Employee field type. Give it a name and configure its access:


Transfer the field you've created to the appropriate spot in the project card:


Now the custom field will be in all projects created using this template.

Using custom roles in a project's task templates

In task templates within this project's template, we need to select project fields (not specific people) for the roles of assignee, participant, and/or auditor:


Creating a project using a template with custom roles

When creating a project using a template, you will only need to specify once who should fill what role in the project:


Project tasks will automatically be assigned to the selected employees:


Changing the user in a custom role within an existing project

It's possible to change the employee in a selected custom role. Your changes will be applied to all task projects created using the template that contains the role:


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