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Templates let you quickly create projects with predefined parameters: project group, project roles, task templates within the project, etc.

Project templates also let you create a structure for the types of tasks that are typically in this kind of project. By default, there is one template in each account called the Standard template.

Projects are created using this template if no other template is selected. This template can be modified, but it cannot be deleted.

Creating project templates

To create a new template, go to the Templates tab in the Projects section and click the New project template button:



A form will open for creating a new project template, where you can indicate:

  • The set of project fields, or which fields will be in the created project.
  • Data pre-filled in project fields (such as a project group, parent project, project roles, and other data—this saves you from having to fill in these fields each time you create a project).


All templates are in the Projects section, in the Templates tab. A saved template can be edited, and additional fields can be added or removed. After clicking Save and go, you will be taken to a list of tasks with this project template. This list doesn't display the actual tasks; it displays the templates that were used to create them. By default, the list is empty.

Using project templates

When creating a project, select the desired template from the list:


All fields previously specified in the template are loaded into the project-creation form.

The project-template link

A project created using a template will be linked to its form, not the template contents.

This means that:

  • if there are changes made to the template that are associated with the form (such as adding a new field) these changes will automatically be displayed in all projects created using the template;
  • but if there are changes made to the contents of the template (such as adding an assigner) this won't be reflected in the projects created using the template. For example, when applying a project template to an existing project, task templates saved as part of the project template will not be created.

Project template access

By default, all employees have access to project templates that are created. As needed, you can change access to templates after they are created in this panel:


A template's creator can change who has access to it, as well as the creator's manager and the account administrator.

Additional information

Please note:

  • Users with free accounts are limited to two project templates per account ("standard + one additional").
  • There is no limit on the number of project templates you can create during a trial period.

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