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Planfix has the following types of custom fields:

  • Line - designed to store individual short text values (usually individual words or short phrases)
  • Number - stores number values
  • Text - stores large text values
  • Date - stores specific calendar dates
  • Time - stores specific times during the day (but not amounts of time, which require the Number type
  • Date and time - refers to a combined date and time in one field
  • Time period - stores time intervals: the start and end of a specific period of time
  • Checkbox - stores logical True/False data
  • List - stores lists of values that can later be selected from a drop-down list
  • Directory entry - stores links to specific entries of the selected directory
  • Contact - stores a reference to a specific contact
  • Employee - stores a reference to a specific employee
  • Counterparty (custom field) - stores a reference to a specific counterparty
  • Group, employees or contact - stores specific groups of employees or contacts
  • List of users - stores several users (contacts or employees) in one field
  • Set of values - designed for entering and storing sets of data with the intended ability to select more than one value at a time
  • Files - stores links to files uploaded to Planfix
  • Task - stores links to a task
  • Task set - stores links to several tasks
  • Set of directory values - stores several links to entries of the selected directory
  • Data tag summary - stores summarized data for a specific data tag
  • Project - stores links to projects
  • Calculated fields - calculates values based on formulas, using data from other fields, directories, system variables, etc.
  • Location - converts addresses to geodata and stores them
  • Subtask total - used to calculate and store total data for the selected subtask field

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