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A set of directory values is a custom field in Planfix that stores links to directory entries. A distinctive feature of this field type is the ability to store multiple values simultaneously. A Set of directory values field can be created as a custom field, as a directory field, or as a data tag field.

Example of a Set of directory values custom field type:


Field parameters

  • No duplication — prevents a field value from being saved if the same value for this field already exists in another task or contact.

Additional parameters for this field type in directories:

  • Mandatory field — prevents a directory entry from being saved until this field contains a value.

Additional parameters for this field type in data tags:

  • Move header — allows long titles to be moved into a new line.


  • When used in document templates, a set of directory values becomes a multiplier field.
  • In some cases, it's necessary to display a set of directory values in a single line in documents, such as a list of services provided. Use the concatenate function in the document template variable for this purpose.

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