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Planfix is designed for people who need more. More flexibility. More customization. More new capabilities.

Planfix a customizable tool you use to build a system for managing your team or company. You determine for yourself which business processes you want to handle in Planfix and configure them without the help of programmers.

Thousands of companies use Planfix across various industries: engineering, architecture, marketing, sales, realty, translation, and many more. Your business type fits on this list, too.

Planfix grows as your needs grow, so you won't have to purchase additional management systems for new departments or focus areas. You can customize everything one step at a time, gradually creating a system for your team or company.

In the end, you get a service that looks and works exactly how each of your colleagues needs it to. Your team works in a collaborative workspace, and you manage which data each team member can access.

Planfix is better suited for power users than novices. If you've tried different services in the past but they've fallen short, then you must give Planfix a try. It might be what just you've been looking for all along.


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