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You can create a Planfix account for your team or company on Planfix's website. An account is created by one person, who becomes the account owner. The account owner can invite other users to the account by adding them as employees in the Company section.

Freezing an account

If there is no new activity in an account (such as adding new tasks or actions) for three weeks, Planfix will automatically freeze the account. One week before an account is frozen, the account owner will receive a warning and a suggestion to show some sort of activity in the account, if the account is still needed.

An account can be unfrozen within three weeks of being frozen. Only the account owner can unfreeze an account. If a frozen account is not unfrozen after three weeks, Planfix will automatically delete the account and all of its data.

The account owner will receive several warning messages before the account is deleted:

  • a message about the pending account freeze (after three weeks with no activity)
  • a message about the account freeze (after 30 days with no activity)
  • a message about the pending account deletion (one week before deletion)
  • a message about deletion with a link to download all data and files from the account (after 60 days with no activity)

PLEASE NOTICE: Deletion is a physical procedure; data cannot be restored once it has been deleted.

Deleting an account

Account owners can delete an account in the Account Management section:


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