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Working with the API is available only in paid or premium accounts. The functionality of REST API is not complete. We are gradually expanding it.

Planfix REST API is a set of interfaces designed to provide access to Planfix account data via the HTTP protocol and JSON data format.

The API allows you to quickly and easily create web and desktop applications that can be integrated with any Planfix account.

Here are some examples of what you can use the Planfix API interfaces for:

  • Create your applications or services based on Planfix;
  • Develop add-ons to main features to expand the ways you can use Planfix;
  • Import data from other systems into Planfix;
  • Export data from Planfix to other systems;
  • Organize notifications about tasks and actions in Planfix in a way that is convenient for the customer;
  • Port Planfix service to other platforms, including mobile platforms;
  • Create services for obtaining and further using analytical information in Planfix.

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  • The REST API specification is available at the link:
  • If you use the link to the REST API from your account, then requests will be executed directly in your account, not on test data:


Silent mode

In any data update request, you can add the parameter silent=true (query parameter). In this case, the change will not be shown in the logs, and no notifications will be sent. It may be necessary if you transfer data from another system to Planfix through this API or regularly synchronize data from another system with Planfix.


  • Data coming into Planfix can be further processed before use.

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