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API access is only available for paid or premium accounts.

To start working, generate an authorization token. This can be done by the account owner in the section: Account ManagementAPI AccessREST API.

Access to the interface

  • Access to the interface is provided through the entry point, the address of which is available in the REST API section:
    • <a href=""></a>
  • There is also a link to the REST specification and a sandbox for debugging requests to your account.
  • Requests sent from the API specification page are executed directly in your account, not on test data.

Please note

Access to the interface is provided via the HTTPS protocol. All requests using an unsecured connection will be automatically ignored. We recommend setting up a test secure connection with the Planfix interface access point before sending data.

Application request limits

  • All accounts have a limit depending on the paid package:
    • 20 / 50 / 100 000 requests per day
    • 1 request per second
  • For methods that return lists of values, a limit of 100 results per request is set.
  • The approximate number of remaining requests per day is returned in the X-RateLimit-Remaining header — the value is updated approximately every 10 minutes.

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