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This agreement regulates the use of the Planfix service API. By using the API, you agree to these Terms.

When using the Planfix service API, you agree to:

  • abstain from any actions that may lead to downtime of the service (for example, DDoS);
  • not to use any technical and software means to hide server addresses (anonymizer, proxy, tor, etc.);
  • promptly inform the Planfix service support about all circumstances that may directly or indirectly affect the quality of the service;
  • in case of bulk recurring data updates of tasks/contacts / etc. through XML API - make such requests only with the <silent>1</silent> parameter;
  • immediately inform the Planfix support service about all detected vulnerabilities in the Planfix service API protocol. Only publish information about detected vulnerabilities in the information transmission protocol in open sources once they are eliminated. In turn, Planfix commits to eliminate such vulnerabilities as soon as possible.

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