How to create my own data tag?

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New data tags can be created by account administrators in the Account management / Data tags section:


Like most other Planfix entities, data tags can be grouped. You can create a data tag within an existing group, or you can start by creating a new group of data tags:


Go to the desired group and click the "Add data tag" button in the tools panel:


  • In the form that appears, you need to enter a name for the data tag and describe the fields that will be a part of it.
  • For each field, you need to specify a name and select from a list the type of information that it will contain.
  • The list of supported field types is almost the same as the list of types of custom fields.
  • Calculated data tag fields are set up in a similar way, but they also let you use values from other data tag fields, as well as values from directories used in the data tag
  • For most fields, you can set a length for the field where information will be entered. In the lower part of the window for creating a data tag, you can see how the data tag will look once it's been added:


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