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The timer can be used to quickly track time spent on tasks. All employees must enable the timer for themselves in Planfix. The following setting is available in employee cards: s7uOHj.png

Here's how the timer looks in the interface: qymPgU.png

How the timer is used

Before using the timer, install the Time Tracking configuration from the catalog. Then click the timer icon in the Planfix interface, which will open this panel: kA7Zw8.png

Then open a task and start the timer: pBV6UH.png

If you click the button to stop the timer, a window will open for adding a data tag. The first three items in the window can't be modified. Then you can specify the type of work and write a comment about what you did: V2e4JF.png

Save the data tag. All saved data tags get sent to the History section: sAAXYj.png

Use this button to stop the timer without recording a data tag: ZA6Jdo.png


Identical data tags added the same day are merged into one entry in the history section, with the times combined. This is done for convenience, to keep the history from getting cluttered.

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